Beauty and the Beast: ducklings

Interestingly, Beauty had also brought along two of her little duckling friends from the pond near her house. She often played with them and over the years they had even begun to sleep in her room. They were her closest friends, and since she knew she would be very lonely in such a large castle, she chose to bring them along.

When they finally arrive at the large castle gates, Beauty’s fear lessened as she passed by the beautiful flowers and roses in the garden. She was still in awe as they approached the doors of the castle; however, when she saw the Beast for the first time in the castle entrance, Beauty was overwhelmed with fear.

The Beast opened his mouth to talk. Beauty braced herself, expecting a voice to match his scary appearance. Instead, he said in a soft and kind voice, “Welcome to my home, there is a meal laid out in the dining room. The two of you may dine together, but then you must bid each other farewell.”



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