The older sisters, too wrapped up in their lack of fortune, did not pay attention to their father’s tale. They didn’t even hear when Beauty said that she would go to the Beast’’s palace in their father’s place.

“Beauty, my child, you are so kind but I cannot let you sacrifice yourself for me,” her father began.

Beauty cut him off, “Father, it will be an adventure like in my books, and if it means you will be safe, then I shall go willingly.”

The next day Beauty and her father rode off towards the Beast’s palace again. Beauty was nervous about what she might find. She knew from her father’s tale that she would not need to bring very many items, for the Beast’s palace was large and seemed to have everything. Instead she simply brought her most cherished books, each which had several wildflowers tucked in between the pages.

Bequty and the Beast: flower



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