Beauty and her Father ate their last meal together and they both tried their best to stay calm and happy. They shared memories from Beauty’s childhood and laughed as Beauty’s two little ducks played with each other near the fireplace.

Unfortunately, it came time to go and Beauty struggled to hold back her tears as her father apologized for their misfortune. Beauty simple hugged him tightly, for she could not speak without crying, and she did not want to worry her father.

Beauty and the Beast: fireplace

When he left the castle, Beauty felt very lonely and incredibly tired. She picked up her duckling friends and went to find a room to rest. She did not see the Beast again that day because the first room she came upon was ready for her to spend the night. The fire was lit, the curtains drawn, and the bed turned down. Beauty lay down in the bed and fell asleep almost instantly, thinking of her loving father as she drifted off.



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