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Bulletin Board Ideas

I've had quite a few teachers send in ideas for school, daycare or church bulletin board projects.  Many of the paper crafts on the site can be modified for the bulletin board.  Please feel free to send in your ideas and any photos you may have!

Bulletin Boards at Home:  Bulletin Boards aren't just for school.  Use a door in your house or small cork board as an at-home bulletin board.  Use your favorite areas of the larger bulletin board projects to help reinforce lessons your children are learning in class.

I've tried to arrange the ideas by month, starting with September (the beginning of the school year for most children).  If you live in a different part of the world than I do (Canada), you may want to rearrange the months a bit (since the seasons occur in different months).

More Ideas from our viewers:

I plan to turn these into full fledged sections of the site once I finish the Templates and such to go with them.  In the meantime I thought I'd include them here since school is fast approaching.  I have had so many suggestions that I have decided to include them on another page.

More School or Daycare bulletin board ideas 

More Church or Sunday School bulletin board ideas