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February Bulletin Board Project

bulletin boards

"I'm So Smart!"

This theme can be used throughout the year, but I like the "love yourself for Valentine's Day" tie in.

The Layout:

These ones all look the same because I used the one Kaitlyn made to put together the layout.  When you actually do it, they'll have different hair colors and likely clothing colors too.

bulletin boards


The Theme:

The children will write an "I'm So Smart!" poem and glue that to the stomach of a paper craft of themselves for this "All About Me" themed bulletin board. This theme can be combined with some discussion about loving yourself and being proud of your talents and skills.

Additional educational activities for PreK and Kindergarten:  Learn about circles and rectangles (the bodies are made mainly of circles and rectangles).  Learn the color Red (you can choose to make all of the bodies red.  Complimentary Resources not shown on the layout:  Circle shapes buddy, Robbie the Rectangle shapes buddy, Rosie Red colors buddy

Additional educational activities for Grades 1 and 2:  Learn about poetry -- five Line Poems resources at KidZone Poetry.  There is also the option of typing the poem on the computer to build basic computer word processing skills.

Additional Sunday School theme:  Tie the "I'm So Smart!" theme into a Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors lesson plan featuring the children's talents.


Directions and Links:

Printable version

bulletin boards

Cover the bulletin board with pink (or white).

Print the February title template "I'm So Smart!"   (color  or B&W)   Glue it onto the top corner of the board.

Have the children:

Tape the completed projects onto the bulletin board.