DLTK's Educational Activities
January Bulletin Board Project

bulletin boards

"Slip Sliding into the New Year"

The Layout:

bulletin boards


The Theme:

A winter theme with penguin pal Templates.

OPTIONAL:  Have children write a new year's resolution on the tummy or back of their penguin pal.

Additional educational activities for PreK and Kindergarten:  Learn about circles (the penguins are made mainly of circles).  Learn the Letter P (Penguin), S (Snow) and/or W (Winter).  Learn the colors Black and White.  Additional Resources not shown on the layout:  Circle shapes buddy, Letter P alphabuddies section, Letter S alphabuddies Activities, Letter W alphabuddies section, Barry Black color buddy and Wanda White color buddy.

Additional educational activities for Grades 1 and 2:  Matches well with a penguin thematic unit in the class.  Visit KidZone Penguins for additional resources.

Additional Sunday School theme:  Tie New Year's resolutions to the 10 commandments.


Directions and Links:

Printable version

bulletin boards

Cover the bulletin board with white on the bottom 1/2's and sky blue on the top 1/2.  The line doesn't have to be cut evenly (make it look like a snow covered hill).

Print the January title template "Slip Sliding into the New Year"   (color  or B&W)   Glue it onto the top corner of the board.

Have the children:

Tape their completed penguins onto the bulletin board.


Debby wrote:
I adapted the “slip-sliding penguins” for the memory focus of the month at our church.  Following all that was instructed, I added the books of the New Testament on the penguins belly.  One book per penguin and combining books like 1st & 2nd Corinthians, 1st & 2nd Timothy, etc.  On one belly.  I created flags to identify the divisions of the New Testament-gospels, history, letters, prophecy and put each flag in the flipper of the penguin where that division began.  With the penguins-books in order, they slipped down the snowy hill.  I changed the title of the board to January: Slip-sliding into the New Testament.  It was a great way to draw attention to the memory work.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion Debby!!