Peter hadn't been the only one wondering about breakfast.  A big, bad, hungry wolf had wandered through the forest.  He hadn't eaten for awhile and a nice young piggy was just the kind of breakfast he was craving!

"Come out!" ordered the wolf, his mouth watering.  "I want to speak to you!"

three little pigs

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Peter may have been a bit lazy, but he certainly wasn't dumb.  "I'd rather stay where I am,"  he replied.

"Come out now!" yelled the wolf fiercely.

"Not by the hair on my chin-y chin chin," teased Peter (after all, what could the wolf do about it).

"Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll bloooooow your house in!" threatened the wolf  who blew with all his might, right onto the house.  All the straw that Peter had heaped against some thin poles fell down in the great blast.

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