three little pigs

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Peter, Patty and Penny spent the next day playing.   The two older pigs teased Penny that she'd wasted the whole fall building her house (and Peter couldn't resist pointing out that even after all that work, Penny hadn't even managed to get the chimney on straight!)  But Penny was happy with the choices she'd made as she sat in front of her cozy fireplace that night.

Peter wasn't nearly as comfortable in his house of straw.  The cold night air crept in quickly.  Peter hadn't taken the time to build a bed so he huddled in the corner on a mound of leftover straw.  As the sun rose the next morning, Peter was starting to wish that he'd spent a bit more time on his house.   As he pondered what he was going to use to cook breakfast with, Peter heard a knock on the door.

"Who's there?"  Peter asked...  It was awfully early for visitors. 

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