Beauty and the Beast: bowtiesIn the trunk there also lay a bag filled with fine gold and rare trinkets, and attached was a note that read: To help your father’s business grow. She brought the bag down to her father and explained that it was a gift from the Beast. The father stared at the merchandise in disbelief and said, “This gift will make all the difference in the world. I can finally give my family the life they deserve.”

Beauty smiled at her father and returned to her bedroom. She found the ducklings playing in the bottom of the trunk. There were several matching bowties that fit the ducklings perfectly. There were even a few larger bowties that would fit the two young animals when they grew up.

Finally, Beauty’s teary eyes fell upon the last item in the trunk; a beautiful red rose lay at the bottom. The flower was so vibrant it appeared to almost glow, and attached was a note that read: For as long as I live this rose will help you remember me. Please do not forget my kindness.



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