Her father was overjoyed to see Beauty return home. He asked her what had happened, and was so proud of his dear Beauty as she told her tale. When her sisters returned from town and saw their younger sister they were not thrilled for they were still very jealous of her kindness and beauty.

Beauty and the Beast: trunk

“It is so nice to see all of you again, I missed you terribly, but I am tired and really must go to bed,” explained Beauty. When she entered her room she found a large trunk at the foot of her bed. When she opened it she discovered it was filled with things from Beast’s castle.

At the top of the trunk were two of the most elegant dresses Beauty had ever seen, and attached was a note that read: For your sisters. Beauty took the dresses to her sisters and watched as they giggled with joy and tried them on, all while ignoring their kind younger sister.



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