As Sedna lay to sleep, the evening before the couple was set to depart for the cloaked man’s village, the man slipped a sleeping serum into her glass of boiled water. When she awoke the next morning, she drank her water, bid her father a tearful farewell, and promised to visit him as often as she could. Once she left her childhood home, everything went black as the sleeping serum took hold.

When she awoke once more, she found herself at the top of a large cliff overlooking the sea. She was shocked to find out that the cloaked man was no man at all; instead, he was a large black raven! 

Sedna cried and cried. Her life was miserable. The Story of Sedna: ravenShe had no pillows or blankets, no boiled water to drink, and no father to keep her company. She was heartbroken. And the raven had no sympathy for the vain girl. Though he brought her raw fish everyday, he mocked her and cackled at her sadness:

“Oh, you poor girl! Those tears could fill the ocean twice over!”

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