But times grew tough. The winter winds picked up more speed each year, the hunt became harder, and the food was less available. Sedna’s father feared for their safety.

Finally one day, he made a decision that he hoped would save his daughter's life, and more importantly, his own. The Moon Maiden: mountainHe ordered Sedna to marry, insisting that she wed the next man that came into their village. Of course, because Sedna was so beautiful, he knew this would be an easy task; though he was sad to part from her, he could no longer afford to feed two mouths.

So when the cloaked man came into their village, Sedna, unhappily following her father’s orders, married him. He promised her a life of richness and an abundance of food. Sedna’s father was so happy that he did not care what the cloaked man looked like – for his face was completely hidden.

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