“Is this what you have been dropping on the ground?” Gretel asked.

“I dropped most of our skipping stones last time.  Mother led us down a different route today and that stupid bird must’ve stolen all of our stones.  The breadcrumbs will be here in the morning and we can follow them on our return home,” Hansel replied.

“In the morning? Hansel!  I will not stay here overnight,” Gretel cried. “What about wolves?  What about –” Gretel began.

Hansel and Gretel: bird“No wolves, bears, cougars, raccoons, muskrats, or squirrels will get us.  I will protect you,” Hansel promised, interrupting his frantic sister.

They relaxed in the very small glade, resting their feet and playing guessing games.  Suddenly, their noses were filled with an oddly sweet aroma.  The children followed the wonderful scent – it grew stronger and more delicious.

Mouths dripping with drool, Hansel and Gretel finally reached it.


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