In front of their eyes and noses sat a house made entirely out of the most delicious looking sweets.

The roof was coated with fluffy white icing; pink, sticky syrup drizzled and dripped along the sides of the dark chocolate exterior; a gum drop door frame was sopping with sparkling icing sugar; a frothy milk chocolate river flowed under a gingerbread bridge that led to a gingerbread door; and a lollipop garden sat in front of a large crystallized sugar window.

Hansel and Gretel: witchHansel and Gretel stood stunned for a moment and then, without caution or hesitation, they ran to the house and began stuffing their faces full of candy.

“What little pretties have come to my house today?” screeched an odd voice.

Hansel and Gretel stopped short and stared at one another – each was messy and covered in candy.

“Oh, two little ones to enjoy!” the voice screeched again.  Hansel and Gretel turned and stared at a very small woman with scraggly hair wearing a long pink dress.  She was very strange looking and smelled quite funny – a little too sweet.

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