Now, Smith did not go straight to the emperor; instead, he went to Geoffrey to see what he would say when he laid eyes on the supposed ‘outfit.’

Geoffrey approached the sewing room and called for the brothers.  When the door opened, Geoffrey was suspicious to see that gold coins were strewn about the floor and wine bottles had been emptied.

“I have been sent to your room on behalf of the emperor and another advisor to view the fine outfit for tomorrow’s procession day,” Geoffrey said as he glanced at the mannequin in the centre of the room wearing… nothing.  Now, Geoffrey grew even more suspicious.

Before he could utter a word, the Lesaew brothers pulled him closer to the mannequin.  The slid around him mysteriously as the first Lesaew brother spoke, “Fine outfit for tomorrow’s procession day is what we have here, respected fellow.”

Emperor's New Clothes story: wise outfit“Yes, take in the magnificent sight: the fine gold detailing along the sleeves, the decadent shoulder pads lined with silk fringe, and the most brilliant colours – bold magenta, royal blue, and beaming sunlight gold,” the second Lesaew brother charmed.


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