Emperor's New Clothes story: brave outfit Before he could utter any protest, the Lesaew brothers glided around him and brought him closer to the mannequin.

“Finest creation is what we have here, good sir,” purred the first Lesaew brother.

“Yes, behold!  Set your eyes on the fine embroidered detailing, the silk patterns, the rich colours – deep red, ocean blue, and shimmering gold,” coaxed the second.

Smith stared at the mannequin standing in front of him, unclothed.  He saw no embroidery; he saw no silk patterns; and he definitely saw no deep red, ocean blue, or shimmering gold.  All he saw was an unclothed mannequin.

“I–I –” Smith started.

“– Of course, you see our finest creation.  Don’t you?” the first Lesaew brother interrupted.

“The most magical of places has given us our silks with which we have crafted this outfit…” began the second.

“… However, only the BRAVEST of men can see it,” finished the first.

With news of this, Smith did not want to be thought of as a coward by the entire empire.  Instead, he replied: “Well, of course I see it!  It looks l–lovely – I will inform the emperor!”


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