That is, until...

An honest little girl was standing with her mother and father.  She had been so distracted by all the people and festivities that she had not set her sights on the naked emperor.  The minute she did, however, she tugged on her mother’s arm, pointed, and shouted at the top of her lungs:

    “Mommy!  Mommy!  That man is in his underwear!”

Emperor's New Clothes story: little girlAt this, the entire empire burst into a fit of laughter.  The emperor stood shocked and embarrassed.  Smith stood beside his naked emperor feeling more like a coward than he ever had; Geoffrey felt foolish; and the emperor felt powerless.

The Lesaew brothers were never seen again – neither were any of the emperor’s hats, shoes, wigs, crowns, furs, jewels, tunics, breeches, nor fancy shoulder pads.

The king eventually learned to be happy without so many material items.  He spent the rest of his days treating his empire the way he always should have, with his THREE advisors, Geoffrey, Smith, and the honest little girl.

The End.

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