Emperor's New Clothes story: underpantsGeoffrey and Smith burst into the emperor’s chambers, exchanged strange looks as the emperor stood before them dressed in only his underwear, and took him down to the front gate of his palace.

“Servants!  See to it that our guests are paid even more handsomely than before – for their finest work shall make me the grandest emperor in all the world,” the emperor declared.  The Lesaew brothers bowed to the exiting emperor as each brother smiled with deceit.

Now, as the emperor marched out of his palace, all heads turned and stared.  Thousands of men and women stood before the arrival of the emperor; each gawked at the sight of his or her emperor dressed in… nothing.

As the emperor walked proudly by his people, each man bowed his head and each woman curtsied.  No one said a word about his attire.

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