Cinderella story - prince
Cinderella waved goodbye to her friends and the odd fairy creature. She held on tight as the silver carriage zoomed towards the King’s castle.

Once she arrived at the massive stone palace, she was escorted to the banquet hall. Upon entering the large golden-walled and ruby-floored room, Cinderella felt all eyes on her.

“Oh my!” and “What a wonder!” and “That mask is so strange!” and “Her extravagance is breathtaking!” were among the comments Cinderella heard as she passed by Dukes and Duchesses, Lords and Ladies, all dressed in the finest attire.

Suddenly, a handsome man bowed gently in front of her and asked to dance. His blue eyes glimmered behind his ruby-encrusted mask as she curtsied and took his outstretched hand.


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