Just then, a shower of golden glitter rained from the ceiling.


Cinderella story - fairy godmother“Oopsie! I can never make an entrance. Nice to meet ya lady, I’m your fairy friend. The name’s Fairy but you can call me… Well, you can call me Fairy. I never did get a nickname. Hah huh!” squealed a high-pitched little winged woman in a golden gown.

Cinderella and her friends backed away from the odd creature. The fairy whooshed and swirled around the room.

“Did I hear correctly? You wanna go to that big ball?
It’s gonna be a big one! Hah huh! I’ve got just the dress for you… I do!”

And with one flick of her tiny golden wand Cinderella was dressed in a beautiful blue gown with gorgeous glass slippers. She grabbed her mask and hurriedly followed Fairy out of the manor.


Fairy whistled loudly and motioned Cinderella into the silver carriage.

“Now go, go, go! Or you’re going to be late! Don’t be late! Oopsie! Hah huh! Don’t forget lady, this only lasts until midnight… on the dot!”

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