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river reflectionBut the fiddle lay just behind her, and as she moved her tail, she drew it between the strings of the fiddle, where it caught fast.  Then she gave her tail a jerk and pulled the fiddle against the tree, which made a loud noise.  This frightened the cat greatly, and not knowing what was the matter with her tail, she started to run as fast as she could.  But still the fiddle clung to her tail, and at every step it bounded along and made such a noise that she screamed with terror.  And in her fright she ran straight towards the cow, which, seeing a black streak coming at her, and hearing the racket made by the fiddle, became also frightened and made such a jump to get out of the way that she jumped right across the brook, leaping over the very spot where the moon shone in the water!

Bobby had been awakened by the noise, and opened his eyes in time to see the cow jump; and at first it seemed to him that she had actually jumped over the moon in the sky, instead of the one in the brook.

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