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moon and starThen Bobby picked up his fiddle and tuned it and began to play some of the pretty tunes he knew.  And while he played he watched the moon rise higher and higher until it was reflected in the smooth, still water of the brook.  Indeed, Bobby could not tell which was the plainest to see, the moon in the sky or the moon in the water.  The little dog lay quietly on one side of him, and the cat softly purred upon the other, and even the brown cow was attracted by the music and wandered near until she was browsing the grass at the edge of the brook.

After a time, when Bobby had played all the tunes he knew, he laid the fiddle down beside him, near to where the cat slept, and then he lay down upon the bank and began to think.

It is very hard to think long upon a dreamy summer night without falling asleep, and very soon Bobby's eyes closed and he forgot all about the dog and the cat and the cow and the fiddle, and dreamed he was Jack the Giant Killer and was just about to slay the biggest giant in the world.

And while he dreamed, the cat sat up and yawned and stretched herself; and then began wagging her long tail from side to side and watching the moon that was reflected in the water.

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