The Prince was beside himself and in his despair he fell down from the tower. He escaped with his life‚ but the thorns into which he fell pierced his eyes. Then he wandered quite blind about the forest‚ ate nothing but roots and berries and did nothing but weep over the loss of his dearest Rapunzel.

Rapunzel: rapunzel and princeIn this way‚ the Prince roamed in misery for some months and at length came to the desert where the witch had banished Rapunzel. He heard a voice singing and it seemed so familiar to him that he went towards it. When he approached‚ Rapunzel knew him and fell into his arms and wept.

Two of her tears fell on his eyes and the Prince could see again. He led her to his kingdom where he was joyfully received‚ and they lived for a long time afterwards‚ happy and contented.


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