three little pigs

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Patty Pig was the second little pig (born 3 minutes after Peter and 4 seconds before Penny).  She decided that a house of straw would be too cold during the winter (and that bugs might get in!)  So she went off in search of twigs and wood to build her house. 

"Clunk!  Clunk!  Clunk!"   It took her two days to nail her house of wood together. 

Patty finished, looked at her house and thought to herself, "Well..., it's a little wobbly and maybe it isn't my VERY best job...  But it's supposed to be warm this winter so it should do."

Penny quietly voiced her opinion that the house didn't look sturdy enough to stand up to wind, rain, snow (or bugs).  Peter teased that Patty had wasted a whole day searching for wood when she could have been having fun playing with him. 

Patty turned and sang out, "It only took an extra day.   Now I can go have fun and play."

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