The Little Mermaid human

When they arrived at the castle, the lords and ladies looked curiously at the young lady accompanying their prince but before long everyone in the castle became used to the quiet girl's presence - despite her strange habit of eating nothing but seaweed salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The prince was very kind to Sara and treated her like a little sister but to Sara's sorrow, his thoughts of love were with the human woman who found him on the beach while Sara was hiding.

"She had the most beautiful blue eyes.  She was only here for a short while, but I miss her so," the prince shared with Sara as they were out for a walk in the garden.

After a time, Sara realized that the handsome prince would not be hers to marry.  She felt so lonely she thought her heart might break but she was still happy that the prince was such a good friend.

"I shall stay with him for as long as I can," Sara decided.  But she knew that when he finally married the woman he dreamt about that she would die, for the witch's curse required that she marry her true love in order to become fully human.


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