The little mermaid carefully took the bottle from the Witch and swam to the shore where she had last seen the prince.  She sighed, and looked sorrowfully at her fish's tail.  Then Sara gathered her courage, nodded quietly to herself and drank the magic potion.  A searing pain sliced through her and she fainted.

The Little Mermaid castleThe prince was walking dreamily along the shore.  For a moment he thought his dream about a beautiful girl from the sea had come true when he discovered a young girl lying on the beach wearing a most unusual dress of shining scales.  He raced up just as the girl's eyes fluttered open.

"Who are you and how did you come to be here on the beach?" the prince asked gently.  But Sara could not answer as her voice was gone with the drinking of the potion so instead she smiled prettily at him and leaned on his arm as he led her to his castle by the sea.


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