The Little Mermaid fairy of the airAs the couple kissed to seal their vows, Sara felt a stab of pain and sank to the sand with the waves washing over her.  She thought to herself as she lay there, "So this is the end; how I wish I had longer to watch the humans celebrate their strange and exciting lives.  But alas, all that is left is for me to melt into the seafoam and rejoin the ocean that was once my home."

Happily, the fairies of the air had been watching Sara all this time for they too were curious about the humans and had taken it as their task to watch over them.  The eldest of the fairies fluttered down to Sara and touched her lightly on the forehead.

"Fear not, dear girl, for your love and acceptance has earned you a place with us.  From now on you shall be a child of the air and watch over the humans with kindness and compassion."  And as the elder fairy lifted her hand, Sara found herself becoming as light as a feather and sprouting wings.

The little mermaid smiled brightly for she could not think of a more wonderful life than fluttering through the air like a butterfly, and watching over the humans that she had first given up the sea to meet.


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