As winter ended and spring began the day Sara had been dreading finally arrived.  The king from the neighbouring country stopped by to visit and brought with him his lovely daughter.

As soon as the prince saw her, he rushed up and gazed into her eyes.

"You!" he exclaimed, "you are the one who found me on the beach."  And with that the couple quickly fell in love and made plans to marry.

Sara's sisters had kept track of her throughout her adventure in the human lands and were horrified to think the dear little mermaid would die with the marriage of the happy couple.  So they swam down to make their own deal with the Witch of the Sea; in exchange for their hair, the witch gave them a magical knife.

The Little Mermaid knife

As Sara walked alone along the beach one morning she saw her sisters out to sea.  "Whatever happened to your beautiful hair?" she asked sadly.

Her sisters replied, "We traded it with the witch for a magical knife.  You must kill the prince with it and you will be returned to us as a mermaid under the sea.  We miss you so and don't wish to see you die!"


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