camoflauge binoculars

DLTK's Educational Activities
Camouflage Binoculars Craft

by Leanne Guenther

This simple toilet paper roll craft was as much fun to play with as it was to make!


cardboard roll binocularsInstructions:


binoculars craftNOTE:  if you're worried about the children injuring themselves if they get the string tangled, punch the holes very close to the edge of the tp roll.  That way the toilet paper roll will rip if the string gets tangled.

And last but not least, pull out the camera and get a few shots of daddy and the little ones sneaking around and spying on the neighbourhood cat with their camouflage binoculars.  The daddy in our house spends far too much time dressing Barbies and tidying up the doll house for his daughters...  He really enjoyed playing with his binoculars *grin*.


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