As the two musicians, Dog the drum playing, singing dog and Donkey the guitar playing, singing donkey, wandered through a musty-forested pathway, they came across Cat.

Now, Cat was cat who loved to sing; and he was good at it too.  He would harmonize with the forest’s birds in the day and crickets during the night. Squirrels, possums, badgers, and the like would travel far and wide to listen to Cat’s splendid voice.

Much like Donkey’s and Dog’s, Cat’s voice was unique.

Bremen Town Musicians: singing catCurious as to why Donkey and Dog were so far away from their homes, Cat asked where they were going.

“We are headed to the great town of Bremen,” Donkey began to explain.

“Lookin’ to test our luck in the music business – yup, yup!” Dog finished heartily.

Cat immediately hopped on board the plan, and the three travelling musicians set on their way to Bremen.

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