Beauty and the Beast: dying roseBeauty often wondered how Beast was doing. The rose he gave her sat beside her bed where she would gaze at it every night before drifting off to sleep, wondering at the magic that kept it as fresh as the day she’d first seen it. One morning when she woke up, Beauty realized that the rose had lost several petals and it no longer appeared as beautiful and red.

Beauty was so worried that something had happened to the kind Beast that she immediately rode towards his castle on the horse he had gifted her several years ago. When she arrived at the castle doors, Beauty knocked on the doors. She was so scared when no one answered that she called out, “Beast! Please open the doors! It is me, Beauty. Your rose is dying and I miss you. Please open the doors!”

When nothing happened, Beauty cried out one more time, “Please, Beast, you are so kind and I was wrong. I can love you... I do love you!”


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