Beauty and the Beast: witch“Why did you ask my father to bring me here?” inquired Beauty, for she felt quite comfortable sitting beside the Beast.

The Beast continued to play with his beautiful red rose as he spoke softly, “I am lonely in this large castle. I supposed I just wanted a friend.”

Beauty knew this wasn’t the whole story, otherwise why would he threaten her father? She voiced her concern and watched as the Beast’s face fell. The sun was falling behind the castle and the shadows fell across the Beast’s face making him appear scary once again.

The Beast sighed and said, “I supposed since you came willingly you deserve the whole truth. When I was a boy I was very arrogant; I thought that no matter how I treated others I would always be loved, so I was quite mean. Unfortunately I was mean to the wrong people and one day I upset a nasty witch. She thought I needed to be taught a lesson. The witch sent me here and turned me into this ugly creature so that I would never be able to find love no matter how kindly I treat others.”


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