He waddled far away from the pond with the family of ducks.  He waddled through small marsh plants and large river reeds.  He waddled over bundles of sticks and piles of dung.  All this waddling made him even dirtier than before!

Next the ugly duckling came to an even larger pond filled with a family of geese.  The goslings were a brown-gray like he was!  Happily, the ugly duckling waddled to the water’s edge, plopped his little body in the water, and swam towards the family of geese.  He advanced one of the goslings who looked even larger and greyer than him.

Ugly duckling meets a goose family.“Hello there!” the ugly ducking happily exclaimed, greeting the gosling.  With this, the family of geese turned and stared at the ugly duckling.

“And who are you?” asked the mother goose.

“What are you?” asked the father goose.

“You sure are ugly!” all the goslings chimed in.

As this family of ducks began to honk and laugh at the ugly ducking.  Before the duckling could waddle off the geese surrounded him and the father goose said, “Though you are quite strange looking you may stay with us!  You are more than welcome to join our family.”

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