He waddled far away from the pond where he was born.  He waddled through small marsh plants and large river reeds.  He waddled over bundles of sticks and piles of dung.  All this waddling made him dirtier than ever.

He approached a new pond that was filled with a family of different ducks.  These ducks were happily swimming and quacking.  He advanced one of the ducklings who looked to be just a bit larger and older than the ugly duckling.

“Hello there!” beamed the ugly duckling to the other duckling.  With this, the new family of ducks turned and stared at the ugly duckling.

Ugly duckling meets a duck family.“And who are you?” asked the mother duck.

“What are you?” asked the father duck.

“You sure are ugly!” all the ducklings chimed in.

As this family of ducks began to quack and laugh at the ugly ducking, he waddled off again in search of a nicer family to call his own.


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