All of the ducks in the pond stared at the ugly ducking and began to laugh.  The mother duckling sadly took her little ducklings over to a different part of the pond.  The other ducklings were giggling and making fun of the ugly one.  Two nearby ducks swam by and pecked at the ugly duckling’s feathers.

“This one looks nothing like your others!” one jested.

“This one is ugly!” the other scoffed.

The ugly duckling hung his head in shame.  The mother duckling became very embarrassed of her ugly duckling and made him stay in the corner of the pond while the others practiced swimming, diving, quacking, and splashing.

One evening, as all of the ducks in the pond had gone to sleep, the ugly duckling decided that it was time for him to leave.  He knew he was causing his mother distress and he did not want to live in a place where he felt unwanted.

So the little ugly duckling ran away.

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