Thumbelina leavesWhen autumn arrived, Thumbelina sat at the edge of the hole and gazed at her beloved sun lowering behind the cornfield.  She saw leaves upon the ground and her heart filled with a sudden sadness.  Thumbelina began to sob.  She told the field mouse that she did not wish to marry the mole.  The mouse scampered around, ignoring Thumbelina’s sadness.

“You will live a good life with the mole.  Don’t be ungrateful.  You are lucky to have such a nice mole with such a nice velvet jacket who wants to marry you,” she stated.  Thumbelina became sadder than ever and waited, dreading the day of her marriage.

One morning, she gazed up at the late autumn sun with tears in her eyes at the thought of never seeing it again.  Suddenly she saw the bird that she had rescued.  It flew down and landed beside her.  The bird informed Thumbelina that he would be flying away for the winter to the land of summer, where the sun was always shining and the birds sang beautiful songs just like Thumbelina.  He, once more, asked Thumbelina to fly away with him.

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