Thumbelina moleThe mole visited later that day and the mouse told Thumbelina to tell him a story.  Thumbelina did.  The mole became fond of Thumbelina.  Then the mouse urged Thumbelina to sing for the blind mole.  Thumbelina did.  The mole immediately fell in love with Thumbelina.

He began to visit the mouse’s hole daily and often invited Thumbelina to walk through the tunnels he’d built.  Thumbelina reluctantly did, but only to make the field mouse, who had been so kind to her, happy.

“Don’t mind that bird.  It just lays in the middle of my tunnel.  The stupid thing is gone and dead!” exclaimed the mole.  Thumbelina was filled with sadness at the sight of the beautiful bird lying in the middle of the dirty tunnel.  The mole kicked the bird grumpily as he walked past it.

“Come!  Come!” he called to Thumbelina.

“I will be back for you,” Thumbelina whispered to the bird.  She spent the rest of her day with the mole, unhappy.


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