After hearing Thumbelina’s lovely voice one warm summer night, a large toad hopped up to a window.  Hop!  Hop!  Hop!

Thumbelina toadOnce Thumbelina had fallen asleep, the toad crept in through the window.

“Oh my!  This one will make the perfect wife for my son!” she exclaimed.  The toad grabbed Thumbelina in the walnut shell and carried her off to the nearby river.  Once near the river the toad said to her son, “Gaze at the lovely bride I found for you!”

Croak!  Croak!  Crooooooak!  was all her son could reply.

Proudly, the mother toad took the still sleeping Thumbelina to a patch of lily pads and placed her on the smallest one.  Then she went back to where her son was now lying in a large puddle of mud and the two of them began to construct a house of mud and reeds fit for the new bride.

Thumbelina awoke at the sound of hops and croaks and immediately began to sob at the thought of her mother all alone without the company of being sung to sleep.

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