Thumbelina crownAfter spending many happy weeks together in the sunshine, he placed his brilliant crown upon Thumbelina's head and smiled warmly at her.  He asked her to be his queen of the fairy kingdom.

Thumbelina pondered this for a moment.  The fairy king was the first man to ask her.  He was kinder to her than both the toad and the mole put together.  She agreed to be his queen.

Seeing how happy Thumbelina was in the fairy king’s presence, the bird flew off and promised to return often to visit Thumbelina.

Thumbelina's wingsOnce Thumbelina and the fairy king joined as king and queen, all of the flowers in the meadow each blossomed open to reveal one or two fairies sitting inside.

At the wedding, the fairy kingdom rejoiced in the king and queen’s newfound happiness.  Thumbelina sang beautiful songs for all to hear.  She was given many gifts, but her most favorite was a pair of gorgeous wings that reminded her of the butterfly’s she had first seen at the beginning of her journey.

The kingdom danced in the sunlight, drank sweet nectar, and befriended many of the birds that nested in the trees above thanks to Thumbelina.  During the hot days the butterflies and dragonflies kept Thumbelina cool with their wings and in the evenings, Thumbelina sang her fairy king and the rest of the kingdom to sleep.  Eventually all of the birds picked up on her song and sang along with her.

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