Thumbelina fairy princeWithout thinking twice Thumbelina hopped on the bird's back and the two flew towards the sun.  They traveled for days across large mountains filled with snow, beautiful green fields, and patches upon patches of brilliant flowers.  Finally, they arrived at a large flower-filled meadow.  The air was warm and the sun was brighter than Thumbelina had ever seen.  The bird landed on a high tree in a nest.

“You are more than welcome to stay with me, Thumbelina, but I suspect that you would enjoy being surrounded by the flowers below,” he said.  Thumbelina nodded and kissed the kind bird’s feathers.

The bird swooped to the flowery meadow below and placed Thumbelina on a large pink flower, much like the one she came from.  All of a sudden, behind a large pink petal, emerged a crowned man just a little bit larger than Thumbelina herself.  He was alarmed at the size of the bird but once he saw Thumbelina standing next to it, he approached Thumbelina and immediately fell in love with her glowing happiness and the way her golden hair shone in the sun's light.

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