Cinderella story: bucketIn a desperate attempt to live, she grabbed back onto the kayak with all her might. Her father took his raised paddle and tried to pry her clasped fingers off; but because the ocean had frozen them almost solid, they broke off.

Sedna’s fingers slowly floated to the bottom of the sea, transforming into seals, sea lions, otters and walruses. The raven’s wings flapped harder and harder.

The Story of Sedna: walrusAgain, Sedna, in an attempt to live, wrapped her elbows around the side of the kayak. Her father slammed his paddle on her arms, trying desperately to save himself from the wrath of the raven’s storm.

Her hands, too, broke off. As they floated to the bottom of the sea, they transformed into whales, porpoises, and the like.


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