Sedna jumped into her father’s kayak and sat tightly wrapped in hide and furs as her father paddled as quickly as he could away. They had been travelling only for a few hours when Sedna saw a black dot in the near distance. She trembled with fear, knowing that her husband was searching for her. The kayak was now in the middle of the ocean, rocking back and forth. Her father was becoming exhausted. He stopped the kayak for a rest.

Suddenly the kayak began to rock back and forth violently. The father and daughter looked behind them to see the raven flapping his wings.

The raven stirred up the ocean waters. His large black wings seemed to grow in size as his anger grew and grew.

“You have decided to forsake me have you? Then you shall forsake this earth, as well!” the raven screeched.

The Story of Sedna: flying raven

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