He had a large nest to sleep on, but left Sedna only with a few feathers for warmth. When the winds picked up Sedna howled in pain. The cold air cut at her skin and tore her hair. She cried every day and every night, in the hopes that her father would rescue her.    

He did.

The sharp winter winds had carried her cries to his village. He had been struck with guilt for forcing Sedna to marry a stranger, and decided to rescue her.

He paddled his kayak, following the sound of Sedna’s cries. When he arrived, he was shocked to discover her living situation high up on the cliffs overlooking the sea. He ordered her to jump from the cliff into his boat. Luckily, he had come at the perfect time, as the raven was off hunting for fish to bring back to Sedna.

The Story of Sedna: rescue


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