Without thinking, the girl promised the little man her first child once she was queen.  She assumed that he would forget their deal anyway and so she happily watched him spin all the straw from the largest room in the palace into gorgeous gold thread.

As the funny little man left the room, the miller’s daughter figured she would never have to see his large-nosed face again.

In the morning when the king came to check on the girl, he was happy to see that his palace’s largest room was now filled to the brim with mounds of brilliant gold.

babyThe king and the miller’s daughter were married immediately.  Later that year, the new queen had a beautiful baby boy.

She had forgotten about her promise to the funny little man and so, one day while she was rocking her baby to sleep, she was shocked to hear the door creak open followed by a large familiar nose peering behind.

The little man pranced into the room and said, “Now give me what you promised, my queen.”


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