RumpelstiltskinThe odd little man took the necklace, grabbed a handful of straw, and sat down at the spinning wheel.  Swoosh, swooosh, swooooosh – went the wheel three times.  The little man handed the girl a spindle filled with gold thread, grabbed another handful of straw, and sat down at the spinning wheel once more.  He repeated this process until the entire room, which was once filled with straw, was now entirely filled with gorgeous gold thread.

Then, humming his funny tune, the odd little man pranced out of the room, swinging the girl’s necklace from side to side.

When the king came into the room at sunrise he was amazed to see that the miller had been telling the truth about his daughter’s abilities.  The king was pleased to see the room filled with gold; however, his pleasure was short-lived for the sight of so much gold made the king greedier than ever.

Now he took the beautiful girl into an even larger room filled with yellow straw.

“Spin this into gold, and I will let you live,” the king said curtly.  Again, he turned on his heel, shut the door, and locked the girl all alone in the room filled with straw.


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