RumpelstiltskinSuddenly, the girl heard the door creak open slowly.  At first, she only saw a large nose peaking out from behind the door.  Then suddenly, in walked a strange little man.  He was humming a funny tune.

“Goooood evening, Mr.  Miller’s daughter,” he said. “You look awfully sad!  May I ask why you are crying so terribly?”

“I – I have been ordered to spin this straw into gold by sunrise!” she explained to the little man between sobs. “A – and I don’t know how.”

“Hmm…” the funny little man pondered this.  He walked back and forth across the room, kicking bits of straw in his way, “I know how to spin straw into gold…” he began.

“Oh, you do!?” cried the girl.

“What will you give me if I spin this straw for you?” he asked slyly.

“Oh!  I will give you my necklace!  Take it!  Take it!” she replied.

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