Gretel remained behind as the witch approached the pot. Gretel waited for Hansel’s signal.

Just as the old witch brought the tip of her long crooked nose to the boiling water, Hansel kicked his cage door open.  This gave Gretel the signal to push the witch into the boiling pot of water.  The witch toppled over into the pot just in time for Hansel to land right on her head, avoiding the hot water beneath his feet.  The heat from the water melted the old witch into sweet, gooey syrup.

The children ran out of the house once they had gathered the sacks of gold that the witch had stolen over the years from the other children that came by her candy house.

Hansel and Gretel followed the path from which they first smelled the candy until they reached the very small glade where Hansel had last dropped bread crumbs; however, the children found that their bread crumbs had been eaten and replaced by their favourite stolen skipping stones by none other than the rascal bird that had stolen them.  The bird chirped happily as it finished its last breadcrumb.

Apparently the bird had been hungry too!

Hansel and Gretel: gold


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