As the evil witch focused on Gretel's slicing, Hansel quietly maneuvered the thin bone around in the keyhole of his cage:


Slowly and quietly, Hansel removed the bone and waited patiently for his plan to unfold.

Once Gretel had finished her slicing, the evil witch walked it over to the pot located directly underneath Hansel.

"Well?  What are you waiting for, little pretty?  Help me get this food in the pot!” the evil witch ordered Gretel.

"Hmm.  That pot doesn’t look quite hot enough," Gretel said.

"I will dip your little feet in and we can check," the evil witch sneered.

Hansel and Gretel: pot"How can you trust that I will say it is hot enough?  I will surely lie and then the food will never be cooked for my brother to eat," Gretel replied.

The evil witch furrowed her brow and looked from the pot to Gretel and back again. "Oh, I suppose you're right.  Stay there.  I will check to see if the water is almost at a boil," the evil witch huffed.

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