Hansel and Gretel: bones
With this, the witch unlocked the steel door and ran outside in search of the supposed dragon.

Hansel quickly motioned Gretel to hand him one of the bones lying in the scrap pile.  Gretel held up a large bone, but Hansel shook his head; she held up a thick bone, but Hansel shook his head; and then, from the bottom of the pile, Gretel found the thinnest bone of all and brought it over to Hansel’s cage for she knew what he would be using it for.

He told her his plan just in time for them to hear the witch hustling back.

Just as Gretel sat down at the large metal table, the witch stormed in the house looking puzzled.

“Well, no dragon in sight!  Not even the tip of a tail or the smell of smoke!” she exclaimed.

“Perhaps he smelled you coming,” Gretel replied frankly, continuing to slice the chops. “Dragons have a sharp sense of smell, you know,” she said curtly.

“Hmph... Chop larger!  The larger the better, little pretty!” the witch demanded, closing the steel door but forgetting to lock it.


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