After a moment of thought, Gretel cried and dropped her knife:

"Oh my!" she cried.

"What do you think you're doing?  Get back to work!" the evil, selfish witch shrieked once more.

"I think I saw a...  I think I saw a...  A DRAGON outside!" Gretel cried, convincingly.  Hansel held back laughter since Gretel’s claims were getting a little more and more ridiculous.

"A DRAGON you say?" the evil witch questioned.

"Oh, goodness.  That was most definitely a dragon I saw!  It will surely burn down the forest with its fiery breath Hansel and Gretel: dragonand then your candy house will be revealed to all the grown ups in the land!"  Gretel declared.  "How will you ever catch children if your candy house is not secret to the grown ups – who can no longer smell the sweetness of the candy?" Gretel questioned with her voice sweet as the syrup that dripped from the roof.



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